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Experimental and Clinical Imaging Technologies

Experimental and Clinical Imaging Technologies

The Center for Experimental and Clinical Imaging Technologies Zurich (EXCITE Zurich) is a cross-​sectional platform for biomedical imaging to facilitate the development of innovative, experimental and clinical imaging technologies. EXCITE Zurich advances basic and applied biomedical imaging research. To ensure this effort, EXCITE Zurich supports cross-​cutting projects and offers internationally recognized educational programs in biomedical imaging.

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EXCITE Zurich provides a platform for imaging solutions across scales, from single atoms to anatomical features. The focus of the center is on the development of biomedical imaging solutions, which includes their translation into clinical research and practice.


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Open positions

For Master, PhD or PostDoc positions please contact the corresponding groups directly or visit the pages showing vacancies at ETH, UZH and USZ


Managing Directors

Dr. Laura Dal Toso

Dr. Berkan Lafci